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February 2015
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KarenA.Scofield [userpic]
I have a new journal and I've been posting youtube videos!

I have a new blog and I'm claying and painting...mostly claying right now!


I found pictures of my goddess beads all over pinterest. There are probably thousands of them. Unfortunately, many of them point to someone else's blog and they misrepresented my work by strongly inferring they could be made with a homemade clay made of baking soda and cornstarch. I made a video upon finding this out.

So I made a tutorial on how to make them from polymer clay, which is what they are.

The tutorial: https://karenascofield.wordpress.com/2015/01/26/tutorial-on-how-to-make-polymer-clay-goddess-beads/


Videos about problem solving regarding curing the beads and about the beads can be found on my youtube channel:


I don't just make beads' I'm learning how to better sculpt figuratively. That could lead to art dolls, desktop goddess sculptures, and other fun stuff. Here's my work in progress as I follow along with a Creager Studios instructional DVD.

I choose to work with polymer clay because it uses far less energy to cure in an oven than earthen beads do (understatement). I fire my beads for minutes, about 40, at about 266 degrees F. Earthen beads might need 12 to 18 hours at temperatures 10 or more times higher than that. Also, I can work with polymer clay at home and cure it in a home oven. Additionally, the medium is more open to a wider range of sculpting, surface design and many other techniques and can mimic many types of glass, plants, clays, rocks, people, animals and more.