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KarenA.Scofield [userpic]
My First Complete Painting (Acrylics)

I (somewhat) followed a tutorial from one of Linda Ravenscroft books. Her tutorial says to use watercolors from a certain point forward, but I used fluid acrylics instead. They can be layered much like watercolors due to their (varying) transparency.

I'd been diddling about trying colors, a few color mixes, reading about paints, but never got around to doing a painting because, well, I simply didn't have a clue how. I couldn't find a watercolor/watermedia artist to take lessons from locally, so tutorials in books is how it's going to be.

At least for now.

I did add a few more touches after this photo, like adding orange to the leaves to make them look more autumny but I'm too tired to take another photo. I'm just kind of excited that I can paint this well.

Yes, yes, I need more practice.

I show more of each step along the way on my xanga blog.

Current Location: WI, USA

This is beautiful!

Well, hi there! And thanks.