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sari0009 ... The Cheese Curtain is an Illusion!

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I Was An: Anatomical Pathology Assistant. I assisted with lab work and in forensic, infectious disease, clinical, and pediatric autopsies.

More Recently: Some of my art dolls were juried into the Lemon Street Art Gallery (Kenosha, WI) in 2005. Some of my hand sculpted polymer clay beads appear in the book “Polymer Artists Showcase,” by Tejae Floyde. I’m now particularly drawn to pure sculpt art dolls, which are fine art figurative works, either making them or reading about them. I’m also interested in watercolor, acrylics, and sketching.

Lifestyle: I sometimes create in-depth pages after researching topics, often for years. I like to push things as far as I can, an ongoing process. Consequently, my pages are often subject to editing and updates. Learning is a lifestyle.

16 Things About Me

I spend far more time reading about art than making it. It’s my nature to read north, south, east, and west of topics that interest me, plus interesting tangents.
…But sometimes I’m obscenely optimistic and just jump into things without any experience and very little knowledge. That leads into…
My first two Art Dolls got me juried into the Lemon Street Art Gallery in 2005. I had seen Art Doll Quarterly magazine and had no previous idea I could sculpt until I tried, in my mid 40s. I’m still exploring my learning curve in regards to sculpting and consider myself very much a beginner, in my mid 50s. Also…
Some of my hand sculpted polymer clay beads appear in the book Polymer Artists Showcase, by Tejae Floyde.
I’m teaching myself to draw and paint.
I’m more inclined to quietly observe than to talk, outside of family.
I can flip flop between being an introvert and being outspoken.
I started reading medical and science articles when I was a small child and later investigated nature, spending hours in the woods in my handmade moccasins. I later worked in Pathology as an Anatomical Pathology Technician, assisting with federal, state forensic, pediatric, clinical and other autopsies. I’ve been privy to a lot of things in research labs. Now I sculpt the human form. So there’s a sort of continuum of interest there.
I grew up around a number of different languages and often easily start picking them up but Chinese makes me feel like an idiot. I’m better with the written word than with pronunciation, even in my native tongue. I had speech therapy as a child.
I almost never get depressed or bored.
I could research or work at a project for 16 or 18 hours (with minor breaks) a day without getting tired. I like to call it attention surplus but some people call it ADD. Everything’s a disorder these days, according to some people (dry humor).
I feel comfortable with very little, very little indeed, unless you’re talking about art supplies. :) I appreciate the finer things like castles and architecture, but I could also live in a cave…provided that it had Internet access, good lighting, and art supplies. Art. Art. Art.
I’m on the autism spectrum, my first grandson is profoundly autistic (nonverbal), and one of my sons is on the higher functioning end of the spectrum.
I want to go back to Paris and a few other places.
I can be focused, on task, and calm in extremely stressful situations but some more ordinary things are stressful for me (I’m constantly learning how to adapt and push myself).
Spatial intelligence is one of my most dominant intelligences and it’s strongly tied to visual and tactile intelligences. That means I’m easily a hands-on, 3D thinker and thinking in a dimensional, visual way can boost to intellectual conceptualizations/explorations (understatement).
Professional Status: I don’t sell my art or jewelry at this time.

Notice: My work and photos of it are copyrighted, all rights reserved — do not use any of them without my written and explicit permission.

Contact Information: sari 000 9 @ yahoo . com (remove spaces to have the working e-mail address).